Thursday, March 17, 2016

Daylight Savings Equals A Time To Sell.

For many, daylight savings, or 'Springing Forward' is an unwelcome loss of sleep. For others, it marks another hour of much wanted daylight. Many see this as a time to begin spending more time outside working in the yard or exercising. Others see it as the mark of the warmer season soon to come.

Much like the real estate industry, car buying and selling trends change with the onset of warmer weather. Your certain to see more real estate 'For Sale' signs popping up AND there will also be an uptick in individuals looking to buy and sell vehicles. Family vacations, spring breaks, sunny skies, and increased desire for outdoor activities are all triggers for individuals and families to contemplate purchasing a new (or new/used) vehicle.

Our suggestion is to not drag your feet. If you are looking to get into a new vehicle or simply thinking of selling an old one, now is the time. Get it on the market before the market is saturated. Give the vehicle a good cleaning, throw a sign in the window and get it listed online. As always, give us a call if youre having difficulty getting it sold.

Happy Selling!

Once Driven

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