Friday, March 18, 2016

Should I Hide My License Plate in Photos?

The short answer:  No

The practice of blocking, hiding or obscuring the license plate of a car in pictures isn't entirely new; however, it does seem to have grown in popularity in recent years. And to be honest, we aren't entirely certain why. It's clearly being done to protect personal identity, but there is little evidence to suggest your personal information is at risk simply by displaying your license plate. In fact, don't we drive around every day with our plates exposed to the general public?

Here's our lighthearted roundup of a few methods used to achieve this level of stealth.

1. The Finger Method

This relatively low-budget solution typically does more to hide the vehicle than the seller's identity. Not to mention it's just kind of weird.

2. The Paint Shop Pro

Let the kids get in on the action. A little red brush tool over the bumper. Hardly noticeable, and the color blends right in.

3. The Blurry Orb

If you have the resources to enlist the help of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic team, you can create a mysterious blurry orb that appears to be hovering by your vehicle.

All jokes aside, to our knowledge, only police departments can look up your name and address from a license plate. Some claim criminals could create a fake plate of a vehicle similar to theirs to hide their identity in a crime. While highly unlikely, it's the most compelling reason we found in our research.

When trying to sell a vehicle, good photos of the vehicle are very important. Our suggestion is to worry less about your plates and more about the quality of the shots. Some buyers actually get a little suspicious when they see photos with plates hidden. What is it that you are actually trying to hide and what does it say about the the seller's personality. This isn't our view, but feedback from actual car buyers. If you do decide you need to hide the plate, take your time and do it in a manner that is not distracting to the viewer. If you need assistance, ask our Photo Team, we may be able to assist.

Happy Selling,

Once Driven

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